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     Welcome in Złotoryja. Our Hotel-Restaurant complex is situated in the oldest part of town, near deffense walls from the time of Piast dynasty. Złotoryja is the first Polish town to receive , in year 1211, the city rights. For over 800 years mining was the town“s main activity, famous for extracting gold, silver, copper, basalt, limestone, sandstone and precious minerals.
We hope, that after visiting many existing relics of mining past, tired and full of emotions, you will find our place agreeable to relax with a glass of beer and orginal Polish meal.


Hotel "Przy Miłej"


restaurant - pub - cafe


Excellent cuisine is our pride.
Weddings, banquets and occational events are our specialties



This is the place, you must visit  !





     In our premises stayed many famous personalities including journalists, actors, musicians, dance ensembles, famous athletes and many others. We have been here since 1990.


PGH „Przy Miłej“ includes: Restaurant „Przy Miłej“,

Cafe „Jędrusiowa Jama“

Pub „ulubione Miejsce“

and Hotel.


      To fulfill your expectations and make your stay memorable we propose our culinary specialites, hotel and its personnel .


pensjonatprzymilej@home.pl             restauracjamila@op.pl



Złotoryja - Aleja Przy Miłej 1 - Lower Silesia

Telefon/Fax  76 87 83 966

+48 695 949 006